Amy Petty | St. Louis Show Announced

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In recent years the music business seems to have fallen asleep, drifting around in the dark as if sleepwalking. The sun is about to rise on a remarkable singer- songwriter from New England promising to warm hearts within broad circles of listeners across the country. The 11-track CD is an organic, soulful volume Amy describes […]

Unique Genious

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Are we making your record – or are we making another record I should know about? I ask this question of nearly every prospective client. It’s just my way of knowing what we’re getting into – and my way of establishing value alignment from take one. Because obviously – it super important to make the […]

Old Port Records

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Old Port Records is based in the eccentric and beautiful state of Maine, in the USA. Following suit with its home state, Old Port is home to artists and music from all over the world, and from many styles and shapes. It’s a harbor for vessels traveling many different routes and headed toward many different […]

Taylor Mesple’ | Victory Land

“Taylor Mesple has a story to tell. It was born on the western edge of the continent where wide open tunings and soaring melodies reflect the vastness of the land and the sea, where clusters of harmony rest atop one another as naturally as sedimentary layers, and where exploration and discovery have always been the […]

Taylor Mesple’ | Songs For Autumn

My first “solo” instrumental CD. Ironically, I’ve appeared on almost 100 CD’s, many of them instrumental- but only now have I done a CD of my own music in the instrumental realm. Most of these songs were written back when I was a teenager, while I was a member of Wind Machine. Some of these […]

The Creative Climate

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I’ve spent the last few days in the studio with New Hampshire artist Amy Petty helping to navigate the production of her new record. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m tired or that I’m getting my first dose of sunlight in what feels like months but something has me mulling over the process of […]

Caleb Travers | Blue Weathered Dreams

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The songs of Blue Weathered Dreams go back to the singer’s origins. The tune “Annie”, which grounds the album, is based on his parents’ travels across the Southwest & Midwest as Pentacostal musicians. Sonically, the album walks a tight-rope between pristine, layered guitar work, genteel steel guitar played by Scott Swartz, Travers’ rising and falling […]

Amy Petty | Artists House Chat

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New England singer-songwriter Amy Petty featured on Artist House weekly chat. Take a peak for a few live performances of songs from her debut record ‘Mystery Keeps You’ along with great dialogue between producer/engineer Jacob Detering and Lauren Markow – owners of Red Pill Entertainment. ## If you weren’t able to catch today’s live chat, […]

In Celebration of the Song

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Red Pill, St. Louis’s Indie Record Label dedicated to the nurturing and cultivation of singer/songwriters, presents a concert celebrating the music of their emerging artists Kevin Bilchik, R. Scott Bryan, Javier Mendoza and Amy Petty on Tuesday, May 10, 2009. The Red Pill line up promises to introduce audiences to well crafted songwriting in the […]