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photo credit:  Mariam Shahsavarani

photo credit: Mariam Shahsavarani

The Following is an excerpt from a featured post over at http://www.kdhx.org written by Mariam Shahsavarani. To read the entire article, click here.

Jacob Detering wears a lot of different hats. His musical and technical skills allow him to fit into whatever role is necessary as he works to help artists create, complete and distribute their albums.

Though he’s been involved with music since he was a teen, Detering has only been working seriously on Red Pill Entertainment’s mission to create partnerships with artists for about six years. Red Pill’s studios moved about a year and a half ago to its current location on Hampton Avenue in St. Louis, where Detering took some time to chat with me, play me some new music from Salisbury and Miles Nielsen and show me around the red-accented space.

Mariam Shahsavarani: How did you become involved with studio work?

Jacob Detering: I was always a songwriter, even as a teenager, and I had my own cheap recording stuff at home, so I had experience with overdubbing and all that stuff, so I thought, “I’m going to start finding groups and making recordings for them.” I would basically just find bands that would let me take them in. I would work for free and try to make a good recording of them, and they would pay for the studio time.

Can you tell me a little bit about how Red Pill came about?

The whole concept of Red Pill really came out of a situation where I made some records with a few artists and I had some issues with where I put all my time and money into doing the record and then I found out they were selling the record on their own and not paying me. That’s kind of when I started the whole idea of “I’m going to start something and put this out, and I’m going to organize myself legally to handle these kinds of things.” About four years into it I met my current partner, Lauren Markow. We were both in the studio business and both had a lot of interest in trying to find people who were really fantastic and needed help to try to get things out there. People were lacking capital, and we both had all the studio gear and were both perfectly positioned to do that stuff for people.

The past five or six years we started working pretty heavily with people locally and people from out of town. We were down on Virginia Avenue for about six years and then got this building [on Hampton] about a year and a half ago and built this place and have been here since.

And sort of out of that situation with unscrupulous artists we kind of began working on partnership concepts with artists. In the dawn of the Internet we wanted to do something a little more artist friendly where what we owned was directly correlated to what we invested, and just more of a partnership kind of thing.

Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?

Red Pill does a variety of different things. We have a big recording facility so we do a lot of hourly studio time. Another thing that we do is actually look for bands to sign and do more of a development deal for them where we’re financially invested in helping them get the product out. That’s more of a label function. On the label side, I typically play more of a producer role going through their catalogue of songs and picking what I think are their strongest songs. If it’s a band, it’s choosing the right performances or what I feel are the best performances. If it’s a singer-songwriter, it’s helping them find artists or other musicians or performers who will play on the record, and hopefully choosing people who I feel will be creatively aligned or creatively contributive to what the artist is already doing. Read more