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ape_myspaceSalisbury was formed in the winter of 2006 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Eric Lysaght, drummer-pianist Eddie Spinaio, bassist Wil Pelly, and rhythm guitarist Bryan Hoskins. They are from St. Louis, Missouri. Their music is acoustic by nature, delicate and dark, old backwood’s ghost stories set to music. Salisbury is a band that could only have come from the mid-west, lost in the serene, haunted foothills of the mighty Mississippi river, which figures so prominently in the fragile and lonely beauty of the music. Their first full length album, ‘Salisbury’ is available now!



Track Listing

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1. Fountains [sample]


2. Silver Linings [sample]


3. Mary Alice


4. Pennies [sample]


5. Missouri [sample]


6. Nothing [sample]


7. Candy Apples [sample]


8. All Your Love


9. Greenton [sample]


10. Lonely Goodbye [sample]


11. Mississippi River [sample]