Red Pill Entertainment is an artist facilitation firm and full service recording facility  located in St. Louis, Missouri. Committed to artist development and sustainability and armed with passion for collaboration and connection, Red Pill is cultivating creative, ethically driven partnerships with artists around the country.


Red Pill believes that artists produce great music when they have access to and support from a great community. With a superb recording facility and established relationships with some of the most talented studio musicians anywhere, Red Pill offers artists the opportunity for creative collaboration to nurture and produce their finest work.

In the ever and rapidly changing landscape of the new music business, Red Pill is poised to adapt to new modes and methods for helping great music and great fans find each other. Through the cultivation of relationships with music industry leaders and constantly scanning the boundaries of the new music business, Red Pill sources and secures the connections vital to create opportunities for our artists.



Lauren Markow – Partner

Kaleidoscope collecting, pop-up book curating, and I Ching consulting Lauren Markow has been an A&R kind of soul since she was twelve years old. Carrying boxes of singles with her to school and to friends’ houses, Lauren has been introducing people to great music for decades.

In awe of the magic and craft of music, she entered the studio business 18 years ago with the mission to provide a home for musicians where they could explore and expand their talents and find new fans to appreciate their art. Lauren’s passion is to give artists “root and wings” by providing support, direction and insight for the advancement and sustained growth of their careers.

Think Jewish stage mother….in a good way. Pushing, cheerleading, boundary scanning and opportunity searching, Lauren is constantly looking for the right people who can help her talented musical family tree to thrive.

It’s not just too much caffeine that causes her to lose sleep either—it’s the notion that truly amazing musicians will “lose their place in line” unless they find the nurturance, support and protection they need to develop their gift and potential.

Lauren can frequently be found in the kitchen cooking up both culinary works of wonder and marketing and creative plans and ideas to fortify and nourish the members of her extended musical family. You can following Lauren on Twitter @sambarouge.



Jacob Detering – Partner

Producer, engineer and music business connector Jacob Detering is committed to finding new models of artistic development and sustainability in the modern musical climate.

Entering the music business both as a songwriter, performer and performing on stage and in the studio, Detering ultimately settled into the role of producer, engineer, mixer and mastering engineer for a myriad of local, national and international talents.

Logging thousands of hours in the studio, Jacob yields strong command of large format analogue mixing consoles, and tape and digital recording formats.

Beyond all things technical, Jacob brings a sense of comfort and ease to the recording process allowing the artist to safely explore unchartered creative territory. You can follow Jacob on Twitter @jacobdetering.