Sarah Pray | Empty Words

6a00d8341ca36653ef0120a78dd6c4970b-800wiMinneapolis singer/songwriter Sarah Pray’s debut EP, “Empty Words” is impressive testimony to the emotional sound print of both her vocal and writing styles. Pursuing her passion for making audiences experience a deep emotional connection to her songs, Pray’s music possesses an intimacy and intensity reminiscent of Fiona Apple and Cat Power as well as the depth and capacity that can also swoon to the sultry side. A truly rewarding fusion of both tender vulnerability and assertive fire punctuates Pray’s music. This is the promise of talent well on its way.

“If passion has a voice, it’s Sarah Pray. Solid songs sung with commitment. Every sultry note is sculpted and fashioned to pierce the soul… simply masterful.” Cori Waters, Local Lixx – KVIK-FM 104.7, Decorah, Iowa

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Tracking Listing

Empty Words
One Night Stand
Thank God
Still Here
Word’s You’ll Never Say
Bittersweet Letdown
Everytime You Go
Carroll Street

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