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  • Audio Mastering For All Digital Formats & Vinyl Pre-Master Assembly
    Red pill offers mastering for all types of music regardless of genre. A great deal of mastering these days consists of in the box processing only which is why we are thrilled to offer an audiophile grade signal chain featuring carefully selected analog equipment and select software plug-ins. In the event you are interested in having your project released on vinyl or cassette, we can provide vinyl or cassette pre-masters. All projects are delivered to you accompanied with a licensed version of HOFA DDP Player to make sure you’re hearing your master in its truest form for today’s digital world. Pricing for service includes all revisions necessary to ensure you're happy with the end result.
  • Audio Sweetening
    Not everyone is looking for or can afford full blown mastering service. For clients that are confident in their mixes or for those on a limited budget, I recommend this service. Pricing includes in the box processing, leveling and DDP/master assembly.
  • Apple Digital Masters
    Red Pill is certified by Apple to provide master files for the Apple Digital Master program. Mastered For iTunes involves creating and uploading high resolution (24-bit/native sample rate) master audio files to your online distributor for encoding to AAC format, which is used by Apple in the iTunes Store. Currently, the standard file resolution for submitting audio to the iTunes Store (and most other digital releases) is 16-bit/44.1k sample rate. Using higher resolution source files and following the other Mastered For iTunes guidelines will result in a better sounding experience for the end user. Apple Digital Master files are auditioned through the same encoder in which they will be eventually processed by Apple so proper testing and adjustments can be made to avoid problems, and optimize audio masters for distribution via the iTunes Store. Check with your digital music distributor to learn more about their rates and policies for Mastered For iTunes releases. CD Baby and The Orchard both offer Mastered For iTunes releases.
  • DDP Assembly & Creation
    Deliver your music to a CD manufacturer with all CD-Text, ISRC codes, UPC/EAN code, and audio quality as intended without errors. If you already have sonically mastered WAV or AIFF files and need them properly assembled into a Red Book master for CD production and/or online distribution, we can assemble a DDP master for you to be sure that the finished product will not contain any errors or anomalies. Easily test the DDP master yourself with the complimentary HOFA DDP Player that will accompany your DDP master. DDP is the same file format that nearly all CD replicators use to replicate CDs, so you can listen to the exact same file from which your CDs will be created. Even if you are not replicating CDs, DDP is a great method for keeping your master sequenced properly, especially when there are songs that crossfade, or for continuous live recordings that need to be played without a gap between tracks.
  • Mastering Rate Card
    + Single Mastering :: $55.00/track || $5.00/ each alternate version + Project Mastering :: $50.00/track || $5.00/ each alternate version + PMCD Creation :: $15.00 per disc + DDP Creation :: $75.00 + Vinyl Pre-Master :: $150.00 * Payment is due prior to receipt of masters and includes two (2) revisions if requested by client. **Note, revisions refers to MASTER REVISIONS, not MIX REVISIONS. Changes requiring mix revisions constitutes a re-master at full cost.**
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