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recording equipmen


Merging the best of both old and new recording technologies, Red Pill's control room

is centered around a heavily modified 1979 Trident Series 80 recording console.  Equipped with ProTools HD, the room is also outfitted with a Studer A800 2 inch 24 track and an Otari MTR-10 half inch mix down deck.  


The room also boasts an impressive list of outboard gear. Preamplifiers by Daking and Manley, compressors by API and Pendulum and a whole slew of microphones.


Pair this all with a nice sized live room, iso booth and hallways and lounge wired for microphones, the room is perfect for everything from live ensemble tracking to soloist and vocal recording.

Red Pill also houses a substantial collection of instrumentation that clients may use during sessions.  Yamaha Recording Custom drums, an array of both acoustic and electric guitars, guitar amplfiers, Fender and Wurlitzer electric pianos, and a baby grand piano are among the list of instruments available.  While most of these instruments are available, please check on instrument availability and status prior to booking your session.

Because tools are only as valuable as the engineer using them, we are both MFiT and ProTools certified.

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