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Taylor Mesple is a true idealist when it comes to music. He has always resisted the boundaries and categories that keep music safe and predictable, and has always endeavored to bring something magical to life through music. Taylor is a believer in the crucial difference between art and entertainment, and has always resonated with the former, not the latter. Taylor’s musical journey continues to take him alongside some of the greatest of greats in the musical world… through changes and evolutions… but never outside the purpose of moving people on an intangible level.

It’s almost as if gravity itself has compelled Taylor toward meeting groundbreaking musicians like Michael Hedges, Bruce Hornsby, Eric Johnson, Russell Ferrante, James Taylor, Peter Mayer, Howard Levy, Abe Laboriel Jr., Tim Pierce, Patrick Leonard, Don Grusin, Mel Brown, Nelson Rangell, The Indigo Girls, Keb Mo, Take 6, Steve Amedee, Ray Charles and Shawn Colvin. Through performing, recording, and simply bumping into fellow musicians, Taylor has found himself rubbing shoulders with nearly every musical hero he’s ever had. He’s performed or recorded with many of them… and has had the pleasure of being mentored by several. Russell Ferrante called Taylor “one of my favorite artists” and Bruce Hornsby invited Taylor onstage the day they met for “the best seat in the house”, during his show in which Taylor’s band opened. For Taylor, this is the ultimate “completion of the circle”, to be able to interact and collaborate with the very people that inspired him to make music his craft and trade at such an early age.

Taylor became a full time studio musician and performer at age 13, so he’s had nearly 20 years to make these connections and collaborations happen. By now, Taylor has recorded on over 120 CD’s for other artists, but has only released 2 full length CD’s and 2 EP’s of his own music. This is because his own music takes a long, thoughtful baking in the oven of his creative mind, sometimes 4 or more years for a single recording. “Songs For Autumn” was a collection of unrecorded songs from over a decade prior.

Taylor was born in California, grew up in Colorado, but now lives in the peace and quiet near Freeport, Maine, with his musician wife Rebecca and his young children Autumn and Jonah. He has a recording studio in the house and a motorcycle in the garage. Taylor is on the board of directors for the Maine Songwriters Association, and is constantly working with artists he’s producing CD’s for. He enjoys poetry by Billy Collins and most other forms of art, cooking, frisbee, the ocean, being creative on his Mac Powerbook, motorcycling along the Maine coast, target practice and other hobbies, but most of all being with his family.